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Massage Oil - 300mg CBD 100ml £20

Muscle Rub - 500mg CBD 30ml £20


Oral 10ml Raw Cannabis Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

2000mg £19

3000mg £25

5000mg £35


Live Well Full Spectrum CBD comes in a variety of strengths, it can be used in an E-cigarette (Vape) or used under the tongue, held for around 30 seconds and then swallowed (Sublingually).

There is a lot of confusion about the strengths that people buy, to promote transparency we not only include the strength in milligrams, we use percentage by volume.

This standardised system helps our customers know what it is that they are getting.

ISO Vape 30ml

Blueberry  or   Strawberry & Kiwi   or Bubblegum 

Use this in your tank and vape  500mg £10


1000mg Vape Additive £15

Add a few drops to your tank with your own e -liquid


CBD Isolate £13

Use in a variety of ways


CBD Patches

240mg 16 per Box £16


1 Step Mouth Spray 500mg £12

Mango or Cotton Candy



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